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Wild Billís photo shoot with the Bay Riders of San Francisco March 29, 2009
The Bay Riders are an up and coming club here in San Francisco with about 55 members. You can see them all over town. Since Wild Bill is a friend of theirs among many other clubs, they asked me to do a photo shoot of a couple of their members doing stunts on Harleys. As you can see these guys take their chances. So does Wild Bill.

Junior lost his bike and it came straight at yours truly at about 40mph. I managed to dodge it at the last second and came away with a torn hamstring in my left leg and a left hand strain and small thumb fracture. Juniorís bike was totaled: the frame was bent, it was leaking gas and its custom paint job was ruined. Ouch! Oh yeah, Junior is all right.

There should be a couple of shots of their break out party at Jellyís at the Embarcadero. On May 23 they will have their spring vintage bike and car show. It should be most excellent indeed!

There are many bike events here in San Francisco and the Bay Area-poker runs, barbecues, parties and charity events

Tell me about your club events and send pix-Iíll post them and let you get a shout out to your friends and the rest of the world. Contact Us

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